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1/ JUNYA WATANABE by Hiromi Ueda (Paris)

If the eye is the window to the soul, the beautiful makeup at Junya Watanabe was certainly the door to mystery. It was reminiscent of pale-faced classic beauties with a cinematographic feel. A strong, black eyebrow is exaggerated and goes above the actual brow. A white eyelid gives the eye shine and texture with an almost silvery finish contrasting with the deepness of the brow. Black eyeliner gives a cat eye shape accentuated by textured eyelashes. The look is both austere and delicate, feminine and poetic, with a softer lip that exudes poise.

Junya Watanabe Fall Winter 2016 Paris Fashion Week Crash Magazine Elise Toïdé

Photography: Elise Toïdé for Crash

2/ YOHJI YAMAMOTO by Pat McGrath (Paris)

Yohji Yamamoto likes it minimal, but makeup has always been a way to expand his modernist, romantic vision. This season with legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath, his girls are geishas of the future. A strong black lip with contrasting touches of white on top and bottom create new proportions on the face. There is extravagance in minimalism: black lines go from one cheek to the other crossing the mouth at the joint of the lips. Eyebrows are left natural, and fade behind a black line going from one brow to the temple in a graphic right angle.

Yohji Yamamoto Crash Magazine Elise Toïdé 10 best make up styles of Paris Fashion Week

Photography: Elise Toïdé for Crash

3/ FENDI by Peter Philips (Milan)

There is one word to describe the makeup at Fendi Fall-Winter 2016: colorful! Mixing a great load of vivid colors, makeup master Peter Philips creates a texture that involves movement, feels dynamic, and definitely gives life to the faces. Strong purple eyeliner goes with contrasting colors like orange, green, pink, or turquoise. The eyeshadow almost seems like a random drop of colors. Here and there, an orange or yellow lip appears, when not nude. Each girl wears a different makeup style, which gives the looks a strong variety. Playfulness is where it’s at!

Fendi Crash Magazine Tassili Calatroni 10 best make up styles of Milan Fashion Week

Photography: Tassili Calatroni for Crash

4/ A.F. VANDEVORST by Inge Grognard (London)

The makeup at A.F. Vandevorst Fall-Winter 2016 is a statement. Powder pigments are spread randomly around the eyes, dropping onto the cheeks and eyebrows. The two tones, whether red or blue, contrast with an overall pale skin and a nude lip. It perfectly goes with A.F. Vandevorst’s raw aesthetic. On some of the looks, belted headpieces cover the models’ faces entirely but still let the eye pop with that extra touch of color.

A.F. Vandevorst Crash Magazine Alex Piñero London Fashion Week backstage

Photography: Alex Piñero for Crash

5/ CHANEL (Paris)

This season, the makeup at Chanel Fall-Winter 2016 is both young and fresh. The stand-out feature is definitely the eyeshadow, a new interpretation of Chanel’s iconic quilted motif, simply called quilted eye. Using the Stylo Eyeshadow in « beige doré », Les 4 Ombres and Ombre essentielle, texture and contrast blend under a natural eyebrow, with a touch of black eyeliner on the top lid. A pale pink lip is achieved with Rouge Coco, and the overall look is approachable while remaining highly desirable. A masterful work every guest was able to admire from their front row only!

2016-17 Fall-Winter Ready-to-wear Show Makeup CHANEL © CHANEL 2016

2016-17 Fall-Winter Ready-to-wear Show Makeup CHANEL © CHANEL 2016 / Photos Benoît Peverelli

6/ KENZO by Lynsey Alexander (Paris)

This season, makeup at Kenzo was fresh and bold. Inspired by Japanese manga culture and its most famously known comic Sailor Moon, it enhances the look with a fine and wide black geometric shape nicely decorated with gold paillettes in the inner part of the eye. Giving the look a powerful and enigmatic vibe which reminds us of surrealist influences – but also of futurist psychedelic origami checks representative of Asian culture. It makes Kenzo stand out during Paris Fashion Week and gives us ideas to try thinking outside the box and remain playful on every occasion.

Kenzo Crash Magazine Elise Toïdé Paris Fashion Week backstage

Photography: Elise Toïdé for Crash

7/ SHIATZY CHEN by Violette & Mac Pro Team (Paris)

What’s best than strong makeup to complement a colorful, Asian-inspired feminine collection? This season the Shiatzy Chen woman’s look is seducing for its bold yet sophisticated vibe. The mysterious woman is ethereal, focusing all her efforts on the power of the eyes with a thick black eyeliner trait covering the whole eyelid decorated with red paillettes applications. Feminine and fresh, half cat woman half baby-doll, the Shiatzy Chen woman definitely shows personality. The rest of the makeup is natural and light in nude colors for skin and lips, giving brightness to the whole look.

Shiatzy Chen Crash Magazine Elise Toïdé Paris Fashion Week backstage

Photography: Elise Toïdé for Crash

8/ REDEMPTION by Tom Pecheux (Paris)

The Redemption woman is rock and roll in her attitude but utterly sophisticated in her soul. Indeed, once again it is all about details: the look is empowered by what it seems to be a perfectly classic smoky eye. Still, there is a twist… A subtle eyeshadow on both bottom lids provides that romantic feel to the look, otherwise edgy and provocative. Channelling Andy Warhol’s Factory, the makeup aligns with the clothes in an effortless yet edgy mix. With a nice pink color on the lips and a lightly powdered skin giving it a bit of shine, it’s all about making those eyes pop and taking us back to the Swinging Sixties.

Redemption Crash Magazine Elise Toïdé Paris Fashion Week backstage

Photography: Elise Toïdé for Crash

9/ VIVIENNE WESTWOOD RED LABEL by Val Garland (London)

This season, the makeup at Vivienne Westwood Red Label was diverse but in a same spirit of freedom and avant-garde. Edgy and grunge, small details made the difference in each look. Sometimes the bright red lipstick with a shaded effect on pale ethereal skin gave an underground effect, as if it had experienced the craziness of the night, while the use of faux black eyelashes here and there gave texture and an added eccentricity to the looks. Accentuated blush in pinky tones on otherwise natural skin was also on the agenda, giving to the models a strong personality and taking cues from historical references. The focus was not only put on the face: gold and silver details were adorning nails, fingers and hands, transforming them in the most precious treasure, and the semi silver mask on one of the models at the end was the epitome of Dame Westwood avant-gardist vision.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label Crash Magazine London Fashion Week www.kamilkustosz.com, 2016 © kamil kustosz

© kamil kustosz

10/ MARC JACOBS by François Nars (New York)

This season, the elegiac feel of the runway was also translated with the same emphasis on Marc Jacobs Fall-Winter 2016 beauty choices. Romantic and dramatic, often reminding us of gothic influences or Pierrot-inspired looks, the collection’s makeup was an ode to theatre in all its facets. Smoky eyes were key, often paired with black lipstick and faded blond eyebrows. But dark eye shadow was first and foremost used on the bottom lis while paired with red nuances for the upper eye-lid, giving a sense of tragedy to the whole collection. Finally, the last look gave a final touch to the whole, the right model’s eye being painted with a wide eye-liner black contour, reminding us of pirates scars.

Marc Jacobs Fall 2016 Show - Backstage

Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Marc Jacobs

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