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Swarovski and Design Miami have announced the three winners of the 2017 Swarovski Designers of the Future Award.

The Award invites the winning designers to advance projects within their selected fields, using Swarovski’s diverse resources to develop a new prototype or design statement inspired or informed by crystal. To stimulate their creative process, the laureates visited Swarovski’s historic headquarters in Wattens, Austria to discover the crystal brand’s legacy of innovation and creativity. There, the designers explored the company’s archives, design centers, and innovation programs in order to generate new ideas and experiment with design concepts.

Selected from all over the world, the three designers were chosen for their pioneering concepts and use of new technologies. For the first time, they will present their work as a single installation at Design Miami/Basel:

Takt Project studio (4)

TAKT Project Studio

TAKT Project is a multidisciplinary studio based in Tokyo, with a focus on reinvention and socially driven endeavors. Thanks to this award, they will now work with cutting-edge technology in collaboration with MICRON3DP Ltd, an Israeli start-up which is the first company to introduce high resolution glass 3D printing, offering an innovative new way to manufacture glass parts. By collaborating with this company, TAKT Project will produce a series of tabletop objects in 3D printed Swarovski crystal, a feat that has never been attempted before.

Swarovski Designers of the Future 2017 Waters VisitWattens Visit – Swarovski’s historic headquarters

Jimenez Lai is a Los Angeles-based architect – founder and leader of the BUREAU SPECTACULAR – who blurs the boundaries between design, art, architecture, sociology, and technology by imagining other worlds. He will now explore design through storytelling to develop captivating surfaces and create an architectural space to house the installation.

Swarovski Designers of the Future 2017 Waters VisitWattens Visit – Swarovkis’s historic headquarters

Finally, London-based Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel works with materials and objects to blend scientific precision with sensory responsiveness, while specializing in solar power. She will now work with Swarovski’s in-house experts in solar technology to develop a series of living light objects.

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