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Each season Armani has re-invented itself while staying faithful to its line of creation.

Once again this season marks the infinite possibilities of reinvention that the artistic director shows.

The movement is engendered in an assured march of the models which highlights the waltz of the materials and the silhouettes that pass.

There is coherence and harmony where body and femininity are put forward. This refers to the femininity of the creations that all the more emphasize the masculinity of short and black haircuts. All the modernity of Armani is then feel.

The cuts are structured and close to the body which tends to recall the manufacturing sign of the Italian brand. However, if one finds the tailor, the skirt or the pants, each one is revisited: shorter, more ample, more pleated. To this adds a choice of colors. Black blends with pink, red and purple alongside light blue. As much color as proposals. The armanian chic is always present but dances on silhouettes with more ‘casual look’, closer to the young woman today.


Written by Saskia Maitrepierre

armani-ss18-by-marco-giuliano-005 armani-ss18-by-marco-giuliano-008 armani-ss18-by-marco-giuliano-013 armani-ss18-by-marco-giuliano-014 armani-ss18-by-marco-giuliano-017 armani-ss18-by-marco-giuliano-021 armani-ss18-by-marco-giuliano-024 armani-ss18-by-marco-giuliano-027



Photos by Marco Giuliano

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