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Photo : Bomboca sofa by Humberto and Fernando Campana for Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades

Happening at the same time as Art Basel, Design Miami brings together every year the best of collectors, galleries, designers and curators from all over the world to celebrate the culture of interior design. There will be a wide selection of twentieth and twenty-first century furniture, lighting and art objects, as well as conferences and expert panels. Among the galleries will be present Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Hostler Burrows, Gallery ALL, Galerie Kreo, Galerie Vivid and Galerie Patrick Seguin.

Porky Hefer presents Toco Toucan. Gallery : Southern Guild

The Design Miami, which will take place from December 6th to 10th, is not only aimed at professionals but also seeks to open a discussion on modern and contemporary design to newcomers and enthusiasts. Void of any barriers or preconceptions, the fair mixes design institutions with unexpected guests from the world of art, architecture and fashion. For its fourteenth edition, Design Miami will be welcoming 34 international galleries, including 4 that are making their debut at the fair : Converso, Maison Gerard and Siegelson from New York and Lebreton from San Francisco. This year, a strong emphasis has been put on American designers with the architect and furniture-maker George Nakashima, Katie Stout and the first furniture collection of artists Doug and Mike Starn.

Harry Nuriev presents Stavropol

Also the program’s Designer Curio is back with eleven presentations, including Stavropol by Crosby Studios founder Harry Nuriev, an installation and furniture collection inspired by the izba, a traditional Russian log house. Another Curio will be Time for Oatmeal with the Campana Brothers by lizworks, an immersive experience that imagines food as material and material as food. Two bowls were designed by Humberto and Fernando Campana, one in terra cotta and the other one in cast bronze, accompanied by an innovative oatmeal menu developed by chef Marissa Lippert and food consultant Christine Muhlke.

Louis Vuitton will also take part in the fair, presenting an exclusive object for the Objets Nomades collection, in the form of a turquoise version of the Bomboca Sofa created by none other than the Campana brothers, who seem to be playing a big part in Design Miami. The inspiration for this piece made of eight cushions that fit into a rigid leather shell, can be found in the roundness of clouds and the intricate forms and colors of seashells. Created in 2012, Objets Nomades gives the opportunity to internationally known designers to translate their personal idea of travel into furniture.

Even more visually surprising will be the collaboration with Airbnb, the famous apartment renting platform, for the A Wild Thing project, a recreation of designers Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen’s actual living space in Ghent, Belgium, complete with all their trinkets, personal objects, artworks and furniture they designed. It will offer a true immersion into their intricate bubble of privacy, with added sounds of whispering that tell the stories of the room’s objects.

LIZWORKS presents Time For Oatmeal with the Campana Brothers

Finally, Fendi will be celebrating ten years of collaboration with Design Miami, by presenting Welcome!, an interior design installation created by Chiara Andreatti.

Welcome! by Chiara Andreatti for Fendi

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Written by Alice Butterlin.

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