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The eigth edition of the Chinese Cinema Festival in France, created in 2011, will take place from the 28th of May through the 10th of July, starting in Paris and making its way through other parts of France like Marseille and Lyon. Initiated by Pathé and the Chinese cultural center of Paris, the festival aims to promote Chinese culture through its incredibly rich cinematography. Around ten films are shown each year, all of them having been released recently. A closer look at current Chinese movies at your doorstep! The festival will also be the occasion for professionals to meet and establish dialogues and collaborations.

Often underestimated, Chinese cinema is in fact very interesting and broad. Amidst the ten films displayed during the festival there will be blockbusters like Wolf Warrior 2 by Wu Jing, fantasy thrillers like Legend of the demon cat by Chen Kaige, science fiction movies like Battle of memories by Leste Chen, romantic comedies like The ex-file by Tian Yusheng and teen movies like Our shining days by Wang Ran. A vast selection that encompasses all genres, a kind of Chinese cinema best-of. This year, the special guests will include Costa Gavras, Virginie Ledoyen, Liu Ye, Zhao Hantang and more!


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