By Crash redaction

With a starting point in the sixties, Maria Grazia Chiuri imagined a collection which payed homage to the end of that era and more particularly to the revolutionary events of may 1968 in France. A peak of creativity, madness and freedom, that year was a turning point for youth culture. It also made its mark on fashion in many ways. On the eve of the fiftieth anniversary of that time, it was the perfect moment to make a parallel with revolts and changes we are facing today.

Inspired by Diana Vreeland’s work at Vogue in the 60s, the creative director remembers her term “youthquake” and the quest for freedom and new rules by women of that era. In 1968, Marc Bohan launches the Miss Dior line, a reinterpretation of the established codes of femininity. With slogans and vintage magazine covers as her set, Maria Grazia Chiuri designed clothing for a powerful woman ready to stand up for her rights. Student-wear, uniforms, patchworks, denim and messenger hats : the collection looked hand-crafted and beautifully undone.



Photos by Elise Toidé.

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