By Crash redaction

A former head of design under Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen and Directrice de Studio at Givenchy and Balenciaga, talented Christine Nielsen launched her French label Hyun Mi Nielsen, with a Paris-based studio, in 2016. As a guest member of the official haute couture calendar for the third time, Hyun Mi Nielsen unveiled silhouettes where poetic sensibility teamed up with poignant emotion. Taking its inspiration from the Yiddish word mensch, which translates as a person of honor and decency, the collection somehow questions the human figure in today’s tough times marked by mass migration of people and animals. The collection’s social turn is highlighted by silhouettes moving through space and time, always moving forward, positively. The experience of movement is enhanced by a fetishist focus on details such as the minute sounds emitted by the collision of certain materials, while a subtle mix of French and Italian craftsmanship meet with refined modern technical expertise. Haute Couture by Hyun Mi Nielsen is definitely a renewed and bold high-octane affair.


Below are the backstage polaroids photos by Louise Damgaard.

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