By Crash redaction

This collection is the first presented by the new artistic director of Carven: Serge Ruffieux

The former right-hand of Sonia Rykiel who, after a brief passage at the head of Christian Dior house, succeeds the duo Adrien Caillaudaud and Alexis Martial.

 He proposes his own version of the Carven Girl: “Nonchalant, she breaks the codes of the French wardrobe into playful new ideas: cherry-picking from a trove of nostalgic treasures that cross cultures and continents. “

 Carven’s famous skirt is lengthened below the knee to lengthen the silhouette. The designer comes to modernize the whole through the sandals to the flash colors that come to break the classicism of the outfit while remaining in the codes of the mark.

It also breaks the flesh-colored skirt with a red, ample but structured top, which highlights the aristocratic and noble aspect of Carven.

On the classic model, the dress is restructured and redesigned for a closer look to the body.

He also plays on the materials by combining a woolen skirt and a transparent top.

The classic cut that he gives to his creations is contrasted with the play of colors and the assemblage of different patterns that make up the outfits.

While remaining in the essence of Carven, the new muse of Serge Ruffieux is the contemporary girl who knows how to take risks, who is not frightened by the future, who is bold and courageous. She loves to travel and explore the unknown lands and cultures…

But it is especially the one who, while reflecting a modern and fresh style manages to convey the timeless chic and class of Parisian today.

Written by Saskia Maitrepierre

Photos by Jack Davison