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Photo : Christian Roth acetate eyewear from 1993 Archive collection. Photographed by Max Vigato, styled by Pauline Collet. Model : Sophia Linnewedel @ Supreme

Founded in the 1980s by Christian Roth and Eric Domège, the high-end eyewear house has always put visionary designs at the heart of its collections. Anticipating trends and playing with futuristic materials and shapes, Christian Roth eyewear is also greatly inspired by the beauty of the past, making it a retrofuturist brand. Far away from the conventions of luxury fashion, the avant-garde collections have been present on international runways from an early stage. Christian Roth was even the first eyewear designer to join the CFDA in 1990.

For its fall collection, Christian Roth took inspiration from the summer of 1977 and steamy New York nights in a line called “Hazer”. Taking visual cues from an era made of Punk, Disco and New Wave, in a city where different underground cultures met in the same nightclubs, concert venues and gritty bars, the collection translates 70s punk glamour perfectly. Take a look at the new collection here.

Since joining DITA group, Christian Roth has begun looking into its own archive to release vintage reworked pieces from the 80s and 90s, bringing back the aesthetics that shaped the brand and which can find a new voice at a time when styles from different eras are constantly brought back to life. As part of our Addictions series, we shot a pair from the Archives collection from 1993.


Written by Alice Butterlin.

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