By Crash redaction

Kris Van Assche is known for infusing youth energy and sportswear into his Dior Homme collections, whether it be the moshpit-printed skateboards of the “Hardior” rave party-inspired collection or the unexpected news of a super limited-edition BMX bike. Yes, you read correctly, the same bike that is used for extreme and spectacular races or freestyles. Once again, fearlessness and outdoor living is celebrated by Dior.

The BMX bike was created in collaboration with Parisian bike label Bogarde, known for its 80s-inspired designs. The bike is as sleek and sophisticated as you would expect from a house like Dior Homme, with a chromed body and black and red details on the wheels. It is available upon request at selected flagship stores.

© Patrick Demarchelier

Written by Alice Butterlin.

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