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This year marks the twelfth edition of the Designers of the future award, a project led by Design Miami and Swarovski who have teamed up to find the vanguard designs of tomorrow and breakthrough talents with pioneering concepts. This year, the three chosen candidates will have to work on the notion of “ smart living” while incorporating crystal technologies whether it be psycho activation techniques, touch crystal or energy crystal. All their final works will be shown at Design Miami/Basel in June.

The three winners, which have been selected from across the globe, have just been announced and all share the ability to experiment, innovate and challenge what is expected. Discover them below!

Frank Kolkman is an experimental designer from Holland specialized in robotic technologies. He will present a project called “Dream Machine”, an object destined to make you enter in a state of deep relaxation, similar to the one you experience while dreaming. It caters towards over-stressed individuals, taking into account the high anxiety demands of modern life.

The Dutch-japanese duo Study O Portable will be working on the blurring of light and color resulting from the Swarovski crystals. They associate fading colors with nature as seen in the blue shades of the sky, the different stages of the sunset or the leaves changing color depending on the season. They will present objects directly derived from these natural phenomena.

Yosuke Ushigome will present the exhibition Can Crystals Interface Us To AI? which will question the power of crystals as a direct interaction between humans and machine intelligence found in homes like Google Home or Amazon Echo.

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Written by Alice Butterlin.

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