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The Emilio Pucci skateboards collection is born from a collaboration between the Italian House and ECAL, the University of Art and Design of Lausanne. Students were invited to visit Granaiolo, Emilio Pucci’s archive and talent center, where they had the opportunity to work on prints and create innovative graphic elements to be incorporated on the wooden boards. They essentially revisited the brand signature, adding some elements inspired from La Dolce Vita, such as fruits, pasta and ice cream, representing the Italian culture. Two models have been created with seven different prints. The first model, Street Shape, a professional skateboard especially designed for tricks like airs flips or slides was imagined in two different prints, “Dolce Vita Aldente” and “Dolce Vita Limoni”, while the second model, Cuiser Shape, meant for everyday use, was created in four different prints: “Dolce Vita Gelato”, “Dolce Vita Scacchi”, “Dolce Vita Diamanti”, and “Dolce Vita Limoni”. Both skateboards are made of hardwood from the Balkans. Their patterns were applied with an innovative printing technique using carbon lamination, for an overall higher quality. A short film, featuring Pucci skateboards will be produced by Nowness.

The Pucci skateboards are now available on the online flagship store

Pucci skateboards Pucci skateboards Pucci skateboard Pucci skateboard Pucci skateboard

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