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Arriving on Paris Fashion Week’s official calendar in 2016, Neith Nyer made an immediate splash. Led by Brazilian designer Francisco Terra, the brand aims to reach a generation divided between nostalgia and a thirst for the future. Terra draws inspiration from his childhood spent in Brazil as well as Parisian nightlife, taking young queer artists from all across the globe as his muses. After studying at Istituto Marangoni, the designer prepared to launch his own brand while working at Carven and Givenchy. His designs offer a reinvention of luxury, in a personal style that proudly embraces the codes of popular culture with no fear of flirting with bad taste. Synthetic materials such as Lycra, sparkly fabrics, glitter, and sequins shimmer in each of his collections, in which disco balls rhyme with distinction. Francisco Terra has said it himself: “Neith Nyer is never pretentious, it’s funny, sometimes tragic, sometimes trashy… a bit like life.” It’s this kind of life that he showcases in his silhouettes, as is evident in his Spring/Summer 2018 collection, conceived as a tribute to his sister who passed away at the age of 18. His fashion also reflects his passion for Japanese culture, encompassing both the graphic quality of manga and legendary 80s musicians like the incomparable Akiko Yano. For this upcoming fall, the designer continued his exploration of vulgarity as a vehicle of sophistication, drawing inspiration from the festivals of his home country in silhouettes that are busy, colorful, and extremely spontaneous. It’s a collection that finds beauty in everyday items, from souvenir shop tee-shirts to the origami napkins found in Chinese restaurants. Francisco Terra serves up an endlessly surprising kind of fashion, foretelling a future as brilliant and scintillating as the sequins sewn on his dresses.


Written by Alice Butterlin.

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