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For over twenty years, G-Star has been pushing the boundaries of the denim industry with one constant motto: “Just the Product.” Developing a pioneering approach that soon made the success of the Amsterdam-based label, G-Star put innovation and product quality at the center of their preoccupations. Over the years, G-Star revolutionized our common conception of denim with a groundbreaking 3D pattern-making approach that became its signature and gave birth to the G-Star Elwood, its most iconic pair of jeans to date – which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Today, innovation and experimentation are as present as ever. The past few seasons have seen the introduction of the Raw For the Oceans capsule collection, led by now co-owner Pharrell Williams, a unique approach to designing denim pieces from plastic waste retrieved from the oceans. An approach as revolutionary as it is beneficial to our environment. In this context, one creative has been working with G-Star on the development of many of these projects: it is multidisciplinary designer and artist Aitor Throup. Joining G-Star in 2014 as creative consultant, Throup has intervened in various fields of development, like store design or campaigns art direction. Next logical step in this collaboration, G-Star recently launched the Raw Research lab, a place of product experimentation through innovative approaches. Located in the Amsterdam HQ, it is led by Aitor Throup himself. The laboratory soon gave birth to the G-Star Raw Research collection, a 20-piece premium line that embodies the G-Star DNA for it is completely focused on the product. The result is a collection placed under the sign of duality and representing the two polar opposite states in the life of a denim garment: on one side the rigid and untreated denim, on the other bleached-white denim. Aitor Throup’s G-Star Raw Research collection is not a collection in the traditional sense: it is the concrete translation of G-Star’s core: the product.

The capsule collection was presented as part of menswear week in Paris on June 22nd, and will be available in select concept stores worldwide as from November 2016.
G-Star RAW Research collection by Aitor Throup Crash Magazine G-Star RAW Research collection by Aitor Throup Crash Magazine

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