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© Colin Dodgson, courtesy of Gucci.

Gucci has just released its jewellery and watch campaign with an unexpected muse: legendary Hollywood actress and Alfred Hitchcock muse Tippi Hedren who, at 88 years old, is still striking and ready to strike a pose. She appears here in the role of a mysterious fortune-teller who reads the future in a crystal ball or in the palms of the other models covered in golden rings, delicate bracelets and fine watches. With dim lighting and crystals, the atmosphere is set between charming and supernatural with a focus on esoteric practices.

Since Alessandro Michele’s arrival, Gucci has celebrated the unconventional, the strange and the unexpected with a love for a baroque, sometimes vintage, aesthetic which creates a patchwork of references all coming together as one. Never shy with pattern and color mixing, Michele has managed to make the Italian house appealing to any age groupe and define a recognizable silhouette. Once again he delivers a quirky but beautiful campaign full of trinkets, hidden symbols and subtle glamour.

© Colin Dodgson, photo courtesy of Gucci.


Written by Alice Butterlin.


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