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For the launch of its latest fragrance, the american brand Coach has just revealed the name of its new muse.

Succeeding to the actress Chloé Grace Moretz, James Franco will embody the new face of the luxury house. This is the second time he is playing along being the muse of the Gucci by Gucci perfume launched in 2008.

But the thirty-nine years old actor perfectly knows how to interfere in new experiences. The 21st Century’s « James Dean » is also a director, screenwriter, writer, photographer and visual artist. He puts a particular emphasis on creativity which is “at the heart of [his] life and commitments”. For Stuart Vevers, choosing James Franco has become obvious “James is the quintessence of the Coach cool guy. Besides being handsome, he inspires everyone by all the challenges he faces, with his provocative spirit and his prolific personality, that represents so many references I use for Coach, he embodies the American spirit that makes the brand resonate throughout the world. “

The fragrance will be commercialized in France in early 2018.

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