By Crash redaction

Celebrating fifty years of exquisite jewelry-making, the iconic Milanese brand Pomellato has just released “Since 1967”, a book retracing its first years in the industry.

Created by Pino Rabolini, Pomellato was the first to introduce the concept of ready-to-wear jewelry, an idea that pearl earrings and colorful stone rings weren’t exclusively meant to be worn on special occasions. In fact they could be worn by whoever had the will to express themselves creatively, without any link to a high status or wealth. It is precisely this freedom and excitement that made Pomellato a favorite among women of the 1960s. In a context of creative expansion and new ways of designing, the brand bets on fun colors and innovative shapes.

1967 was truly a pivotal year in terms of emancipation and discovery. The Summer of Love. Flower Power. The Monterey Pop Festival. It was a year of revolution in music, fashion, art, lifestyle and also the year Pomellato was born. Between pop art, doe-eyed models and psychedelic imagery, the brand touched every aspect of the 60s. What better way to delve into the past than a collection of images by Herb Ritts, Helmut Newton and Peter Lindbergh, as well as exclusive texts by sociologist Sheila Weller and journalist Giusi Ferré.

“Since 1967”, published by Rizzoli, can be found here.

Photos courtesy of Pomellato.


Written by Alice Butterlin.