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Legendary makeup brand MAC has just announced a collaboration with Nicopanda, the extravagant fashion house created by Nicola Formichetti. Famous for linking up with various artists from the French illustrator Fafi to Lady Gaga, this time MAC decided to create a line with the New-York based designer who brought his punk kawaii aesthetic to the table. The campaign, which was shot by Oliviero Toscani, puts an emphasis on beauty as a creative weapon and lets the make up line run free, just like strokes of paint on imperfect canvases. Formichetti got to be involved not only in the choice of the products and colors but also in the packagings which all feature the iconic Panda, whether it is embossed in an eyeshadow or sitting at the top of a lipstick tube. The line will be launched on April 3rd in Asia and on April 5th internationally.

We got to chat to Nicola about this exciting project and find out a bit more about it before it officially launches worldwide!

How did Mac approach you to initiate a collaboration? What do you think they sought in you?

Nicola: I have a long-standing relationship with MAC- we have collaborated for years so it was a natural progression for us. We trust each other and work very well together so it was a no-brainer.

How did you translate Nicopanda’s DNA into the line?

Nicopanda is my most personal creative project. And, the brand is about youth- the new generation. Nicopanda is always about trying new things and sharing/creating new ideas…so I wanted to tackle the beauty world with Nicopanda. We are really creating something new and fun for our crew.

I spent a lot of time really perfecting the packaging- I wanted to bring together the beauty of MAC design with the Nicopanda motif- I am really happy with the results. It’s pretty incredible because the packaging for this collection is unlike anything previously done by MAC. 

Also, the names of the collection pieces are a combination of everything that Nicopanda, and I, represent- Japanese Kawaii, British Punk, NY Street- and, of course, a bit cheeky too.

How much were you involved in the creative process? Was it fun to experiment with makeup?

I was very involved! I absolutely loved the entire process and was so delighted with the results.

How do you see beauty in 2018? Was it important for you to convey a message of diverse beauty and acceptance?

Today, beauty is about expressing and sharing individuality which I love. We are so different- this diversity should be celebrated and we should feel empowered to share our differences. Make-up is such a personal form of expression and, for many, its the first ticket into self- expression- a first lipstick, a first eye-color… 









Photos and video courtesy of MAC.

Written by Alice Butterlin.

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