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Thirty years after Andy Warhol’s death, Piaget decided to link up with the Andy Warhol Museum of Pittsburgh to help preserve the pop artist’s legacy and keep his memory alive by organizing an exhibition in London, called “Time Keepers”, which took place at Annabel’s on October 3rd. Never-see-before watches and jewellery from Warhol’s “Time Capsules” were displayed, as well as pictures from parties sent from Yves Piaget to the artist, still in their original envelopes and vintage photographs of original watches. Piaget CEO, Chabi Nouri was quite moved by the event : “It’s an emotional night for Piaget. It’s important to share this history, this legacy between us, not only to be able to preserve it, but also because it’s important to create new memories. We want to keep creativity at the centre of what we do.”

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Written by Alice Butterlin.


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