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Meetings with extraordinary figures in the flesh: Jean-Luc Verna, as his retrospective opens at MacVal, is not bashful about his body, Josephine Meckseper, for her first exhibition in Paris at Gagosian, invokes the Paris of Walter Benjamin… Araki departs from his usual style to deliver a special Junya Watanabe series. Mat Collishaw, one of the Young British Artists, eschews all the preconceptions of so-called political art, Peter Lindbergh undermines the status of “fashion” photography, Nicolas Bourriaud, taking the reins of a new art center in Montpellier after his removal from the Beaux-Arts fine art academy in Paris, rails against centralization in France. Nothing is off limits in our new issue that is not afraid to tell it like it is…

With our list of the top exhibitions of 2016 and the year’s strongest artworks, this issue of Crash taps into contemporary concerns and new challenges facing the art world and our society, all incarnated by a new generation of brash and liberated artists. Whether tied to new technologies, identity, politics, globalization, or local issues, art reacts to change while offering new possibilities. Artists remain ever watchful and responsive, throwing a wrench in our dominant system of thought. In the fight against obscurantism and prejudice, art is a vital ally. It lets in the restorative winds of freedom, allowing us to breathe within the flood of mass culture that drowns us every day. Another world is opening up for us…


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