The Revelations Emerige prize offers each year a real support to an emerging French plastic artist. The contestants have to be younger than 35 and not be represented by a gallery. The chosen artist gets to produce his first solo exhibition in a French gallery and benefit from a worldwide visibility. The Revelations Emerige accompanies the project from start to finish, from finding a workshop to producing the artwork and financing the final exhibition.

This year, the Revelations Emerige welcomes two galleries : Papillon (Paris) and The Pill (Istanbul), which will both be promoting the finalists. The Pill will select one of the artists to present his work in a solo show and the winner of the Revelations prize will be able to expose at the Papillon gallery as well as participate in a collective exhibition at the Pill in Istanbul. Emphasis has been put on international instances to offer a greater visibility to the selected artists.

From the 8th to the 30th of November, you’ll get a chance to discover the work of the 12 finalists in a collective exhibition called « En forme de vertiges », imagined by Gaël Charbau, at the Villa Emerige in Paris. The prize winner will be announced on November 7th, the day of the opening. Take a first look at the artists below :

1 – Mali Arun

Mali Arun, Déplacés, 2011
Paradisus, 2015

2 – Laetitia de Chocqueuse

Laetitia Chocqueuse, Introrsum, 2016

3 – Marcel Devillers

Marcel Devillers, The stargate closes at 8:00, 2016

4 – Jerôme Grivel

Jerôme Grivel, Sans titre (kiosque), 2011

5 – Alice Guittard (which will also expose at Surfaces Sans Cible exhibition in November.)

Alice Guittard, S’en sortir sans sortir, 2007

6 – Luke James

Luke James, Walled‐In, 2015
A la lanterne, 2017

7 – Fabien Leaustic

Fabien Leaustic, Théinographie, 2017
Monolithe, 2015-2017

8 – Alice Louradour

Alice Louradour, Terrains dangereux, 2016

9 – Gwilherm Lozac’h

Gwilherm Lozac’h, Faire de l’art en école d’art, 2017

10 – Eva Medin

Eva Medin, Smars, vidéo, 2015
Sky monolith, tableau lumineux, installation, 2017
Solstice, installation immersive, 2017

11 – Linda Sanchez

Linda Sanchez, L’autre, 2017
Les bêtes, 2016

12 – Apolonia Sokol

Apolonia Sokol, Johanne, 2016

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Written by Alice Butterlin.




Oct 31, 2017
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