By Crash

Eco-conscious clothing is forever a topic of concern and takes on many different initiatives, from luxury houses to more affordable brands. H&M has long been vocal about its will to produce better-sourced clothing. Already in 1993, the Swedish brand launched an organic cotton collection and in 2010, introduced the Garden Collection which showcased recycled fabrics for the first time. Just one year after, H&M was finally coming out with the Conscious line, later transformed into Conscious Exclusive.

The Autumn/Winter 2018 Conscious Exclusive collection draws inspiration from ancient tapestry fragments and presents itself as a journey through time. It is the first time H&M clothing is made with recycled cashmere and recycled polyester velvet. With no compromising on style, the pieces are as covetable as they are eco-responsible. Durable textiles become part of a lifestyle where cutting-edge fashion meets innovation. Discover the first images of the collection, which will be available on the website on September 27, with the poise and energy of supermodel Liu Wen. 

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