By Crash redaction

With the arrival of Xavier Marie as the new owner of the brand, Paule Ka definitely needed a radical change. What better person to bring the clothing lines back to life than its founder, Serge Cajfinger, who returns to the creative direction of Paule Ka after a four-year hiatus. Redefining the brand’s image and aesthetic was key to take the silhouettes to the next level. Xavier Marie also built a new studio team with fresh ideas and new perspectives.

For its Autumn/Winter campaign, Paule Ka chose iconic Brazilian model Caroline Trentini as its muse, who naturally exudes confidence and joy. With her timeless beauty and sincere smile, she seems to cast a luminous ray of sunshine on the collection. By shooting the looks in the house’s ateliers and offices, Serge Cajfinger shows a desire for authenticity and an attention to craftsmanship, as well as a return to the roots of the brand. Trentini, clad in glamorous knotted dresses and sparkly sequin boots, looks completely out of context with the office setting – that’s why it works so well. Leaning on rolls of fabric in an elegant cream flared pant costume, sitting in a desk chair gazing at some files in a leather split skirt and blue satin thigh-high boots or lying by a sewing machine in a full panther-printed suit. The Paule Ka woman is everywhere she wants to be in the workplace, whether a seamstress, a businesswoman or a designer, carrying her elegance at every step of the production chain.

Discover some of the images of the campaign shot by Venetia Scott below:



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