By Alice Butterlin

For his pre-fall 2018 collection, Italian designer Marco de Vincenzo decided to shake things up and put together a series of six short-films directed by Pasquale Marino entitled ‘Alice in the house’ to showcase the designs in an unexpected way. The videos feature young burgeoning actress Alice Pagani, who has recently starred in Paolo Sorrentino’s Loro, a biopic on Silvio Berlusconi. 

The six chapters tell the story of a young woman who seeks refuge in an abandoned apartment, flashlight in hand, ready to discover mysterious objects. With a play on darkness and primary color filters, the first scene ressembles a modern-day giallo with Alice making an interesting discovery: a bedazzled boot hidden in the wall. As the chapters unfold, Alice finds more and more clothes and accessories that turn into a bit of a sartorial obsession. They sparkle and glisten in different lighting and become real objects of desire. The journey ends in a party organized for Alice only. The only guests aloud are sequins and disco balls.

Discover the six chapters below:


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