By Roisin Breen

Notoriously sought-after London-based high-fashion streetwear brand Aries has collaborated with the equally cult label, Berlin-based XOUXOU on a line of luxury, high performance tech accessories. 

Made in Italy and created in London, Aries is a non-gendered, luxury streetwear brand founded by Sofia Prantera in 2012. Renowned for their eclectic fabric dying, printing and forensic approach to garment construction, the Aries outreach stretches way beyond the typical boundaries of a fashion label and into self- published books, international art shows, exhibitions, experiences and collaborations. 

An inevitable collaboration then perhaps with XOUXOU, best known for their innovative, stylised approach to accessory design. Brazilian-born Yara Jentzsch Dib launched XOUXOU’s first phone necklace in 2016 and has since gone on to take the accessories world by storm. 

The collaboration itself sees Aries water transfer an exotic green snake print on XOUXOU’s durable PC iPhone case, stamped with a statement 18K stainless steel gold co-branded Aries x XOUXOU insignia logo and XOUXOU’s staple detachable woven rope is paired with Aries oversized gold carabiner and chunky gold chain.

Accompanying the case is an elevated silk scarf which brings the inspiration behind the collaboration to life, incorporating Aries’s iconic Ancient Greek symbolism with mythical black magic motifs, a perfect as an alternative phone strap, bandanna, headscarf or hair tie.

The limited-edition collaboration marks XOUXOU’s first venture into the high- fashion streetwear market and Aries’s first endeavor into tech accessories, fusing their signature laid back 90’s lux aesthetic, bold prints and occult inspirations to XOUXOU’s high-quality, forthright functional design.

Aries x XOUXOU is be available online at and



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