Bulgari supports Save the Children after Nepal earthquake


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On April 25th, a terrible earthquake hit Nepal and left the country in agony, taking numerous lives and breaking families apart. The destruction of roads, bridges and many infrastructures complicates communications, access and emergency services. Aware of the urgency of the situation, Bulgari has made a €500.000 donation to the Save the Children initiative in Nepal in order to give children and families the vital help they need. « This earthquake has had terrible consequences on the future of an entire country, » declared Jean-Chirstophe Babin, CEO of the Bulgari group. « We have to do everything in our power and take action as quickly as possible. The children and their families are our priority, first and foremost in the crucial matter of nutrition. » As Delailah Borja, Save the Children Nepal’s representative, said in a statement: « The majority of these 320.000 children have lost everything. Their homes, their warm clothes and, worst, they have for most of them lost their families. » Save the Children works with the local government to give psychological support to families and children as well as secure access to drinking water and offer healthcare solutions. The initiative also organizes temporary venues dedicated to education while every effort is made to rehabilitate the damaged schools.

Save the Children has been active in Nepal since 1976, and works to give the best support after tragic events like the Nepal earthquake. Bulgari has been supporting Save the Children since 2009, and has helped more than 700.000 children in need in 25 countries over the world, always with an focus put on education and extremely urgent situation, often the result of natural disaster or social crisis.

More on Save the Children on savethechildren.org


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