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The Roman luxury goods House has teamed up with the contemporary Parisian House Casablanca, known for their eclectic ability to mix athleisure and functionality with chic Mediterranean glam, in a playful and ultra-chic metamorphosis of the iconic Bulgari “Serpenti.” Marked by a mesmerizing collision of Roman ease, sporty spirit and colorful prints, the collaboration is part of Bulgari’s ongoing collaborative series “Serpenti Through the Eyes Of”, which, since 2017, has captured the endless metamorphosis of the Bulgari snake through the bold visions of various different talented designers. “With Bulgari we share the same love and respect for timeless codes and the ambition to interpret them in new ways: this is the prism we have played with on this collaboration. The collection is both modern and classic and the same time. “Serpenti” has a thousand-year old iconography behind it and we wanted to bring it back once more but in a modern way, playing with its aesthetic features.” Explained the French-Moroccan Creative Director and Founder of Casablanca Charaf Tajer.

Divided into two launches, the seven-piece collection leads through Casablanca’s main worlds of inspiration. Inspired by classic tennis styles and graphic design elements, for the first Story Casablanca elevates après-sport looks playing on the iconic contrast between a white background and green accents. The unique mix of white perforated leather, gold plated hardware and unprecedented wood handles immediately refers to the equipment, mood, colors, details, looks and the elegant aesthetics from the tennis world. The theme comes to life in the classic “Serpenti Forever” and “Tote Bag”, and the Bulgari DNA is encapsulated in the “Jewelry Box” a sculptural bag inspired by a silver box of the 1920’s, which is part of the Bulgari Heritage Collection and an entirely new shape makes its debut with the mini “Serpenti Crossbody Bag” a versatile and functional bag. From the world of après-sport to a territory which is deeply linked to Bulgari’s identity, the second story leads at the heart Rome’s magnificent splendor. Inspired by the spellbinding mosaics which pave many of the Eternal City’s most fascinating villas and landmarks, three additional creations boast a vibrant and bold print, fusing a contemporary neo-classicism with Casablanca’s trademark vacation feel. Propelling the Eternal beauty of Rome into modernity, the vivacious pattern is printed in a raised texture on top of the calf leather body, to authentically convey the three-dimensional texture of the mosaics. The bright colors and evocative design bring a touch of extravaganza to the “Serpenti Forever Bag” with a detachable wood handle and leather strap, the bold “Tote bag” with polychrome Bulgari logo décor and the new “Serpenti Crossbody Bag”, with its flat and compact structure topped by the iconic snakehead closure.

The collection will be released in selected Bulgari boutiques worldwide in two installments, the Après Tennis theme the 20thApril 2022, and the Mosaic theme the 20thMay 2022.







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