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‘When designing the Olympia, I was thinking about creating the perfect form of a handbag –  something that could capture the essence of femininity. So, for the campaign, I wanted to celebrate  three incredible women in my life who embody the power and beauty of feminine energy: FKA twigs,  

Kendall and Shygirl. These women are amazingly talented and confident, and have a natural  fierceness and determination to carve their own paths, each freely expressing their originality  through their creativity.’  

Riccardo Tisci, Burberry Chief Creative Officer 

Today, Burberry reveals its campaign for the Olympia bag – a signature for the house, designed by  Riccardo Tisci. The bag has a crescent curve that moulds closely against the body, an athletic aura  told through its defined arc. The shape nods to the past with a twist of modern classicism. The  shoulder bag is sculpted from smooth leather and crafted in Italy.  

The campaign stars FKA twigs, Kendall and Shygirl. In a series of images and videos set against a  minimalistic backdrop of marble and Burberry beige, the three women embody feminine energy,  strength, sensuality and freedom of expression.  

Riccardo worked with a team of iconic creative talents including renowned photographers and film  directors Inez and Vinoodh, stylist Ib Kamara, make-up artist Kabuki Magic, and hairstylists Jimmy  Paul and Lacy Redway.  

The Olympia bag is available in a variety of sizes, styles and colourways from classic warm sand, black and  burgundy to vibrant marigold yellow, pale blue and juniper green. It is available to purchase globally in  Burberry stores and online.


‘Riccardo is such a genuine person and I greatly admire his creativity, he has this beautiful  way of telling stories through his campaigns and collections. It was an incredible  experience to work with such a creative team.’  


‘Every time I am asked to be in a Burberry campaign, I feel as excited as the first time I was  asked. Riccardo has become like family, he is someone who has always encouraged me to be  myself and his support from the beginning has meant the world to me. I am so proud to be  a part of this campaign that celebrates the strength of women.’  


‘The first time I met Riccardo, I loved how aligned we were in regards to our approach to  life. It’s been great to expand on that creatively with Burberry, especially within this  campaign where I’ve really felt able to express a different aspect of my femininity.’  


‘We immediately aligned with Riccardo on making the idea of inner strength the focus of  this campaign. The use of classic Burberry codes reworked into a new look help to bring to  life this message of strength and hope.’  


‘Watching these incredibly talented women embrace the bag was beautiful to witness. It’s  always amazing seeing Riccardo’s vision come to life, and it was an honour to work with the  geniuses Inez and Vinoodh.’  


The bag is expertly made in the highest  quality leather, chosen for its memorable  beauty and unique characteristics. Each bag  is crafted in Italy and hand-shaped and  painted by artisan makers.  

The unique curved silhouette is hand moulded on a wooden block to create its  structure. Each bag is meticulously finished  by hand and its edges finely painted. The  bag features gold or palladium-plated  hardware engraved with the Burberry logo –  an emblem of timeless simplicity.  

Available in an assortment of classic  colourways from warm tan, black and  burgundy to pale blue, warm sand and deep  orange in mini, small and medium sizes. The  Olympia family has a range of iterations  including a card case with a detachable  strap in warm tan and black. A messenger  bag, backpack and tote also join the  collection in neutral colourways.  


To celebrate the brand’s signature Olympia  bag, Burberry is introducing the ‘World of  Olympia’ pop-ups. A global series of  inviting and immersive spaces bring the  world of the Olympia to life, and celebrate  the aesthetics, craftsmanship and  inspiration of the bag. The architecture of  the spaces reflects a contemporary  approach. Sweeping curves are lined with  statues reminiscent of Ancient Greece,  reimagined for a modern era. The shape of  the spaces resembles the arc of the  Olympia, a mesmerising repetition of  feminine form majestic and strong.  

Pop-up locations include Harrods, Galaxy  Macau, Bergdorf Goodman and Nanjing  Deji Plaza. From late May, pop-ups will also  launch in Guangzhou Taikoo Hui, Shenyang  MixC, Shinsegae Centum, Hong Kong  Landmark and Isetan Shinjuku. The  pop-ups will house exclusive colourways  including a mini size in black, warm sand,  marsh green, blue topaz and marigold  smooth leather with a gold-plated chain  strap. Small sizes include marsh green,  blue topaz and marigold with a leather  strap. Each bag will have an edition number  engraved on the inside.  

In addition to the pop-ups, a series of  pop-ins are also launching in a selection of  Burberry stores across the globe.  


  • Photographers and film directors: Inez and Vinoodh 
  • Styling: Ib Kamara  
  • Make-up: Kabuki Magic  
  • Hair: Jimmy Paul and Lacy Redway  
  • Music : FKA twigs track ‘sad day’.  

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