By Crash

When Hillary Taymour presented Collina Strada’s SS 2019 collection at New York Fashion Week, she new she didn’t want it to be just another fashion show. In fact, she had in mind just the opposite. Taymour based the event around the concept of Soundbath, an ancient Tibetan yoga practice that consists in bathing in healing music generated by singing bowls and gongs. She chose this mind and body practice to convey a message of hope and put at ease America’s troubled souls. In these times of great despair, Taymour’s collection soothes, calms and puts at ease. To do so, she invited children to sit in the the middle of the catwalk and perform a soundbath. This symbolized her faith in youth to make change happen in a world where new beginnings are more than welcome. Today, we present the collection’s video, shot by the talented young photographer Chloe Horseman.

All photos by Chloe Horseman.

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