COP1 Le printemps des étudiants solidarités


By Crash redaction

Carried by Laurence Benaïm and Romain Monteaux-Sarmiento, an auction to support the Co’p1 – Solidarités Étudiantes association will be held online by TAJAN from May 4 to 11, 2021. Charlotte Rampling, recipient of the Honorary Golden Bear in Berlin, is the patron of this charity event.

“We do not need to be admired but to be considered, not to be left alone or discarded. Never give up. Find an inner strength to trigger your impulses. Not seeking for a comfort zone as itself but within instability is how you can join the greatest adventure. This might be youth, even if reaching it, or not, can take a life- time. Only the journey matters, and this might be grace. Stay awake, do not settle down. See the brightest light, listen to the higher pitched sounds, accept to be destabilized, find this inner strength that will give you this very feeling of being alive. Go toward what moves you, speaks to you. Beauty is a breathing, a light. It enlightens, it reveals. I knew I had faith. I knew all of these things were real. But learning, not how to rehearse a text, but to hear what it means, and open up your senses as much as possible, do not come easily. It takes years, and it is the strict opposite of that numbing comfort. An excuse will always come up so you don’t have to confront with the possibility of doing something with your life. Grace is staying open-minded. Sharing time. Giving of yourself. And this is what these students are doing for each other: rolling up their sleeves. This auction takes place under the sign of culture. Culture, if it can’t change the world, can make it kinder. Each of these items and experiences sends a message, a word, a gesture, an intention. I hope people can deepen their desire to find bliss and beauty. Every day is a fight, a new meeting with luck, a possibility for joy. Never give up!» Charlotte Rampling

This sale will be held online. Given the charitable nature of this sale, there will be no fees to be charged. The income from the sale will be fully donated to Co’p1 – Solidarités Étudiante

4-11 May: absentee bids and online auction on

As of 12 May : shipping and scheduling workshops and experiences

To discover talents, stories and more… @leprintempsdesetudiants @laurencebenaim @cop1.solidaritesetudiantes @tajan @lucienpagescommunication 

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