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Who would have appreciated Craig Green’s SS17 campaign more than Eugène Delacroix? Shot by Jack Davison and styled by Robbie Spencer, with art direction by Ben Kelway, the images feature bodies crashing and merging with the tremendous force of the French Romantic painter’s troubled seas. Drawing as much inspiration from religious iconography as from rugby scrums, the talented British Menswear designer of the Year offers a powerful campaign showing dancers’ bodies responding to resistance in an aesthetic reminiscent of Renaissance painting. “We just thought there was something beautiful in that idea of religious iconography – but an aggressive, abstracted car crash one,” he says.

Warm lighting – once again recalling Renaissance painting – and colored patchworks delicately illuminate these ghostly bodies suspended in midair. There is something mystical about the choice of lighting, though it remains consistent with the spirit of the SS17 collection: “the whole collection is about saturated and desaturated (colors), so that’s why we used the lights.”

Midway between Delacroix’s painting of Mary Magdalene at the foot of the cross and Fragonard’s The Lock, Craig Green’s SS17 campaign delivers a radically different artistic vision.

Photos: © Jack Davison

Written by Lisa Tomasi

Craig Green SS17 Campaign - Crash Magazine Craig Green SS17 Campaign - Crash Magazine Craig Green SS17 Campaign - Crash Magazine

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