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Crash has just turned twenty, and to celebrate that milestone, we decided to host a cocktail party with Paul Smith with whom we have been collaborating for many years, an occasion to present our new issue which has been totally redesigned. With a focus on music and a nod to the fiftieth anniversary of May 1968, our new issue was based around the notion of revolution. What does it mean today and how has it evolved? We met with talented artists, musicians, actors and writers from new and older generations who are contributing to broaden the spectrum of creation. This year marks the start of many exciting projects for Crash as we will be organizing a photography exhibition at the Festival de Hyères and are working on more surprises for our readers.

Discover photos from the event at the Paul Smith store in rue Saint-Honoré with a DJ set by Bonnie Banane.

Bonnie Banane

Diane Pernet

Elena Mottola


Oksana Shachko and Armelle Leturcq


Fatima Goncalves and Julien Mazzoli

Bonnie Banane

Murielle Mucha, Armelle Leturcq, Julio Le Parc and Yumi Koseki.

Masha Ma

Andrej Skok and a friend.

Candice Rosaye, Sophie Boilley, Armelle Leturcq and Odile Idkowiak

Thierry Pouget and Odile Idkowiak

Virginie Benacin

Vava Dudu, Apolonia Sokol and Bonnie Banane

Sophie Kitching and Johanna Benainous

Armelle Leturcq, Roger Avary and Géraldine Postel

Armelle Leturcq and Philippe Benacin


All photos by Marijo Zupanov.


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