Delvaux - Tempête mini, calf souple, chutney


By Crash

Delvaux, the oldest fine leather goods House in the world, recently opened a new boutique in the heart of historic downtown Rome, its first flagship store in the Italian capital.

Situated on Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, the shop draws on the history of the location, while paying homage to the spirit of Roman villas, with its suite of salons and intimate dialogue with remarkable Art Deco elements of museum quality. To mark its inauguration, Jean-Marc Loubier, Chairman and CEO of Delvaux, welcomed several friends of the House, including Italian film icons Ornella Muti, Laura Morante and Isabella Ferrari for an unforgettable evening in the Eternal City. The event later introduced aristocrats and the happy few to the fanciful world of the House, through a Surrealist decor installed within the enchanting Palazzo Torlonia.
Delvaux in Rome, when Belgitude meets La Dolce Vita.

Delvaux – Brillant mini, Alligator Kalahari

Delvaux – Brillant MM, Dans les nuages, noir et ciel

Delvaux – Pochette A4, Trompe l’œil chapeau melon, box calf, noir

Delvaux – Tempête MM Illusion, box calf, ivory et noir

Delvaux – Tempête Mini, Gipset, noir, jade et celadon

Delvaux – Brillant Mini, box calf, camaïeux tobacco

Delvaux – Tempête MM, calf souple, camaïeux brandy

Delvaux – Miniatures Belgitude : Knokke, ciel

Delvaux – Brillant East-West Mini, box calf, camaïeux brandy

Delvaux – Brillant Mini, box calf, framboise / Tempête Mini, alligator, empire

Delvaux – L’humour MM, box calf, noir

Delvaux – Tempête Mini, calf souple, ivory

Delvaux – Brillant Mini, Alligator Phantom, noir et ivory

Delvaux – L’humour MM, box calf, ciel


All photos by Frank Perrin.

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