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Peter Philips collaborates with film director Pierre Debusschere for Dior Cosmopolite

Dior Cosmopolite is the first make up collection created by Peter Philips for French House since being named Creative and Image Director of Makeup in 2014. To introduce this new line, Philips joined forces with renowned photographer and film director Pierre Debusschere to create a short film that resonates like an unexpected poem. The idea behind Peter Philip’s « Cosmopolite » make up collection is a woman with many faces. Creating three different looks, the make up artist puts them under three different lights which reveal this woman’s several identities under new perspectives. With a dark blue eyelid or a silver eyeshadow, each look merges into the other through the use of innovative image effects. The « scanning light » allows to create fluidity in this woman’s transformation, as if her skin would change from itself. The « moving mirror light » technique creates light and shadows and evokes the paradox of a cold sensuality. Finally, the merging of images come to its highest point with the technique of « layering » which creates intertwined pictures that merge into each other. Dior Cosmopolite is a about those complementary contrasts that make women so unique and beautiful.


Dior Cosmopolite by Peter Philips

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