By Crash

In a context where the fashion industry cannot close its eyes on the state of the world and its impact on climate change, Prada has just announced it is launching a project called Re-Nylon in collaboration with the yarn producer Aquafil, aimed at redisigning iconic bags around a new regenerated nylon called ECONYL®. This intelligent material is obtained by recycling and purifying plastic waste collected from oceans, fishing nets and textile fibre waste. It can be recycled indefinitely, an important quality in fibres today. No more time for wasting, clothes have to be reemployed cautiously. Clearly, paths to total sustainability are being taken by more and more luxury houses who understand the importance of mindful consumption in an oversaturated market. A new form of luxury is rising and it is focused on long-lasting pieces that respect the environment.

The Re-Nylon collection is launching with six different styles of bags in renewed nylon: a belt bag, a shoulder bag, a tote, a duffle bag and two backpacks. To further its involvement, Prada will be giving a percentage of the profits to a project related to environmental sustainability led by UNESCO. Discover some of the products below.

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