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Dr. Martens has partnered with five students from the fashion Master’s program at Central Saint Martens to create custom designs for the brand’s « all access summer » campaign. Martens, partnered with Central Saint Martins (CSM), a renowned incubator for rebellious talent, to select five students to design and produce one-of-a-kind creations inspired by the unique designs inspired by the brand’s All Access Summer collection. This season, Dr. Martens announced the All Access Summer campaign to celebrate the first summer where nothing is off limits. A new line of summer sandals and shoes was launched and highlighted by CSM student designs.

Central Saint Martins’ fashion program is internationally recognized for its creativity, innovative and independent teaching and a network of fashion insiders. Its alumni have shaped the global fashion industry, from names like Alexander McQueen, Kim Jones and Stella McCartney to innovative designers such as Grace Wales Bonner, Nensi Dojaka, Craig Green and Phoebe Philo. As a hotbed of international design talent and the birthplace of future leaders and visionaries future leaders and visionaries, Dr. Martens wants to highlight the diversity of the school’s talent from around the world. Five students were selected by Dr. Martens and Fabio Piras, course director, to participate in the project and receive a grant from Dr. Martens to support their visions as well as a donation for the course itself. Each student was challenged to interpret the All Access Summer theme to create an outfit that embodies the rebellious spirit. The students selected were: Francesca Lake, Xuesong Yang, Jad Jreissati, Lauren Patchett and Jude Hinojosa. Each student imagined, designed, conceived and produced their unique creations, captured by fashion education platform 1 Granary in a shoot to bring their visions to life. The students’ work will be shown around the world, giving visibility and platform to these emerging creatives, while giving them the opportunity to participate in an exciting and creative project.

Student Bios:
Lauren Patchett: @laurenpatchett
Lauren is a designer from Northern Ireland who is studying MA Fashion (knitting for fashion)
at Central Saint Martins. Her work is a crusade against blandness, revolving around
color. She encourages wearers to have a little fun and be
lighthearted. She uses mostly spare yarns to create a playful environment
in her practice, because with reserve yarns, you never know what you’re going to get.

Xuesong Yang: @xuesong__yang
Xuesong is studying menswear design at Central Saint Martins. He is originally from
from Inner Mongolia, China, in the Oroqen Autonomous Band, a place where many
of many nomadic peoples, where he has lived since birth. Xuesong’s ethic is
Xuesong’s ethic is: « As we grow up, we continue to find ourselves and become clearer and clearer.
clearer and clearer. Especially in recent years, I have felt a strong cult of nature and I have always been inspired by the history of nature.
have always been inspired by the history of the nation and a more realistic sense of self.
We need to reflect on our relationship with nature and not keep
focus on where we are going and forget where we came from. »

Jad Jreissati: @jadjreisati
Jad’s practice plays on the relationship between fashion and aspiration. A value dear to this
designer is the right of the individual to his complexity.
Born to immigrant parents in Greater London, Jad’s approach to clothing is a
approach to clothing is a symbiotic and ironic blend of individual distinction and

Jude Hinojosa: @jude_hino_josa
Jude is a fashion designer and artist with roots in Texas.
Currently a student at Central Saint Martins for MA Fashion, their work offers new options in men’s fashion by taking
new options in men’s fashion by taking pre-existing « menswear » and molding it to
pre-existing garments and molding them into emotional yet familiar pieces. Bottom line,
their menswear is for everyone. Jude’s ethos is
If it makes you feel something, if it speaks to you, do them the honor of wearing it.
the honor of wearing it.

Francesca Lake: @francescalakeofficial
Francesca is a multidisciplinary designer and creator from Kingston, Jamaica.
Jamaica. Her work has focused on celebrating the untapped stories of her
culture and amplifying them on a global scale. Through the use of the structure of
construction through clothing construction, ceramics and prose, Francesca’s goal is to provide an
Francesca is to provide an emotional and visceral experience that adds to the tapestry
and representation of authentic Jamaican culture in fashion and art.







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