By Crash

To celebrate the Summer solstice tomorrow, the Italian fashion house Fendi is collaborating with the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia around the project Anima Mundi (the soul of the world), hosting a larger-than-life concert on the steps and under the arcades of the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana. The location is none other than the house’s headquarters, a picturesque monument where the orchestra will perform Antonio Vivaldi’s Estate from The Four Seasons accompanied by the talented violinist Anna Tifu who will be dressed in three Haute Couture Fendi looks for the occasion.

The idea of the performance comes from Fendi’s desire to share with the community, after the pandemic, a positive message of rebirth through art, fashion and music. The symphonic music, whose peculiarity lies in the highest quality of sound, finds for the first time its iconographic expression through Fendi’s Couture dresses which visually personify the narrative of Estate. Of all the concerts of the Vivaldi cycle, Estate is the one that leads the listener to a climax of exciting and engaging emotions, rendered by the musical writing with almost “visible” effects.

This project further demonstrates Fendi’s ongoing support to the city of Rome and conveys a very special and positive message in the climate of chaos the world has been experiencing lately. Discover a sneak peak of what you’ll be expecting tomorrow at 6PM on the Fendi website.

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