Harry Styles & James Corden on the Beloved Gucci Show by Alessandro Michele


By Crash redaction

For Gucci Beloved lines, Creative Director Alessandro Michele created a late-night Hollywood talk show that takes the format by surprise in a playful way. Gucci once again collaborated with cult artist, photographer and director Harmony Korine to appropriate the TV set and create a new campaign.

The late night TV talk show has become a pop culture staple that brings celebrity life into our homes with a touch of glamour and lighthearted conversation. For Gucci, a five-star cast including actress Awkwafina, actress and director Dakota Johnson, actresses Diane Keaton and Sienna Miller, musician and actor Harry Styles, tennis player Serena Williams, join host James Corden on the set of the Beloved show for an original talk show.

« In this campaign, we decided to present the « beloved » concept with irony, inspired by the fact that bags are among the main characters in my life and in the lives of many people, » explains Alessandro Michele. « We went back in time to the first TV talk shows and gave the bag the spotlight. These designs are often named after celebrities who have influenced the habits and behaviors of many women. It is precisely because these bags have so much personality that the fashion industry gives them such evocative names; today, we find them in a show that relies on the presence of two stars, the bag and the celebrity guest, to create a game of cross-references between these two main characters.  »
The models featured are from the four Gucci Beloved lines that reference the House’s past and how it defines itself in the present. Alessandro Michele has designed each of these bags with archival elements from a contemporary perspective. Purely and typically Gucci, these patterns and designs are renewed in pieces created to be worn tirelessly transcending seasons and trends. « I am truly in love with my handbags, » says Alessandro Michele. « They will remain perhaps my greatest love, my favorite accessory forever. So it seemed natural to call some of the bags I’ve created « Beloved ». The name was inspired by my own experience and passion for my bags.  »

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