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Tara Subkoff is a multi-talented creative. You may know her as the founder of Imitation of Christ, the label that made a splash in the early 2000s with theatrical fashion shows and a subversive take on clothing. The designer is no stranger to the film industry as well, having starred in feature films like The Last Days in Mexico or Freeway alongside Reese Witherspoon. It was just a matter of time before Subkoff took on directing. And she didn’t go unnoticed. Presented during this year’s Cannes Film Festival, #Horror (pronounce Hashtag Horror) is a haunting thriller about a group of 12-year-old privileged girls addicted to social media, and using it to bully others without thinking about the consequences. But, in #Horror, no Instagram post is harmless. Blood starts pouring out and the girls are quickly trapped in a deathly spiral. With this film, Subkoff takes on the very contemporary theme of cyberbullying. By overstating the point, she gives the audience a whole lot to think about, which makes this film something more than just another horror movie. Featuring Chloë Sevigny, the film found support in many contemporary artists like Subkoff’s husband Urs Fischer, Julian Schnabel, Adam McEwen or Rob Pruitt, who all lent some of their works to be part of the movie set. The film is also thought as an act of empowerment: During the Festival, Tara Subkoff accompanied a group of nearly 100 teenage girls in a anti-bullying demonstration, soon stopped by the local police. Tara Subkoff and her film are sure going to make some noise.

#Horror by Tara Subkoff, in theaters on November 20th.

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