By Anthony Thuong-Seng

Kaba and Vouiz are a duo of French musicians and just released the music video for “2.3 Bricklane”, from their last ep.

The first, Kaba is a rapper from Grenoble in the south of France. He is an eclectic artist, not closing any door or any option artistically, hence his collaboration with Vouiz, dj, composer and especially passionate about music. Together, they released their ep “3.3 Magnitude”, a clever mix between hip-hop and house, a style soberly named “hip-house”. This singular style is presented under the banner of their label H3 Records founded by the duo along with their entrepreneurial friend Eliot and advocates the fusion of genres by mixing the two musical worlds. 



Although the names of Kaba and Vouiz may not be familiar to you, they are not new to music. Kaba released his first single entitled “Chucky” in 2016 or his project Velvet Bleu and has not stopped maturing his art with other tracks or with several scenes, to arrive today with a proposal more mature than ever. As for Vouiz, he has been more discreet publicly but has continued to grow his musical culture over the past few years through several dj sets and mixes and instrumental tracks published on Soundcloud. 

Kaba and Vouiz do what they like, without concession and this path will lead them to a growing success we hope.

Discover the music video for “2.3 Bricklane” by Kaba and Vouiz :



Video directed by Kaba, Louise Chevallet & Malik Abk.

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