By Crash

The 28 year old designer Matty Bovan has a lot of expressive ideas to share in his “Off World Aesthetic Experience” collection at London Fashion Week 2020, which was held on 14th February, 2020 at London’s BFC Show Space.
The show was full of colors, different fabric/prints choices and a lot more. The color palette under this collection was a treat to the eyes and needless to mention the craftsmanship on each piece was designed to perfection. The display of the upside down jackets has made us wonder if this is what we should have been doing from the start. The angular shapes and random squares on the dresses is something which we haven’t seen before.

A strong application of Swarovski on few of the pieces really stood out. The whole collection was all about breaking the barriers and presenting something which isn’t usual. From hair to outfits everything was extravagant. We can sense a strong representation of London’s public transport’s ​Carpeting i​n orangey mustard wool on one of the outfits. The hair and the head adornments by Stephen Jones was making a statement itself and everything was resonating with the outfits crafted by the designer.

Discover some of the images from the show below!

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