Photo courtesy of Miu Miu


By Crash

Miu Miu has just come out with a brand new website conceived to offer the best navigating experience ever to the visitor. It’s hard to stand out today on the extremely crowded platform that is internet and Miu Miu knew it had to shed skin to stay relevant and modern. The design is quite simple and refined, leading the visitor vertically from the webshop to the actual physical shop! The way you navigate the website is not unlike the experience of a smartphone where you scroll endlessly, a smart move for the fashion house who aims to attract a certain youth culture. Blending a classic e-commerce experience with clever editorial content, the website also features beautiful imagery and videos like the Women’s Tales series. The Miu Miu Club also offers to explore the house’s archives to dig deeper into its history, heritage and aesthetic evolution through twenty-five years. Have a look at the new website here.

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