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Moncler Genius presented its 2020 collection yesterday for One House Different Voices, the incredible installment comprising of international designers giving their own vision of the house in capsule collections. It’s already the third edition and you can tell this project is going to stand the test of time, as collaborations represent the future of fashion. Blending different inspirations to achieve a global brand, open to the world and its many sets of eyes. Moncler is clearly moving with its time, one collection at a time.

This time, Moncler Genius welcomed a newcomer: JW Anderson, whose gender-bending fashion has been conquering the world for many years, making him London Fashion Week’s sweetheart and the most fearless designer today. This was thus a much awaited collaboration and it certainly did not disappoint. The line comprised of inflated archive JW Anderson pieces adorned with dots and spikes, giving away a sort of virus vibe. “The technicality and straightforwardness of Moncler are fascinating to me. A down jacket needs to respond to a function, and I kept that in mind adding my own taste for blunt abstraction”, the designer explained.

Another high point of the collections was Simone Rocha, another genius English designer. The pieces were, as always, romantic and soft with frills, ethereal tulle and a play on transparency. Embroidered flowers and delicate prints topped off the looks. Rocha spoke about her inspirations: “This collection was originally inspired by Fellini, dance, and the fantasy of dress. It is very much my interpretation of Moncler’s technical expertise, exploring fabrications and silhouettes but bringing it all under the female gaze in my idea of modern femininity.” Craig Green is another showstopper in the Moncler Genius crew and this time, he brought his deconstructed garments to new heights. Transparency, security and protection were all the keywords at the center of his collection. Science meets style in acidic-colored clothing that’s blown out of proportions.

Discover some photos from the events below.

All photos by Doubleone Studio for Crash.

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