By Crash

Moncler shares warmth to the world with a curation of moments from the brand’s past, present and future, conceived to convey messages of hope during the Covid-19 pandemic. The multi-disciplinary campaign centers around the belief that although we are far apart, we’ve never been closer.

The campaign comes to life on social media, debuting with a retrospective that explores Moncler’s collective memory, featuring works from the archives by iconic fashion photographers. The visual language speaks to a solidarity in warmth, as the series contemplates time spent together, time spent reflecting and time spent at home. Embraces between children and polar bears remind us to share warmth to all around us – beyond age, beyond gender, beyond species. And images capturing reflection and togetherness inspire the feeling that even during these challenging times, we have never been closer to each other.

The #WarmlyMoncler series evolves with a second chapter. Recognizing that during these extraordinary times it’s more important than ever to share personal connections, Moncler releases a series of Spotify playlists curated by friends and family of Moncler Genius. The series starts with Moncler Chairman and CEO Remo Ruffini sharing pieces that inspire him and empower his hopes for the future. It continues with playlists to fill your home with the sounds of warmth by the designer of 5 MONCLER CRAIG GREEN, 6 MONCLER 1017 ALYX 9SM’s Matthew Williams, and 7 MONCLER FRAGMENT’s Hiroshi Fujiwara.

The campaign will continue with a series of discussions and interactions with more protagonists from the world of Moncler Genius. New arrival to the creative hub Jonathan Anderson will take part in an interactive interview, followed by a series of unannounced activations exploring themes of creativity and connectivity at home.

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