By Crash redaction

Unveiled on the evening of February 20th 2023, Rick Owens and Moncler’s latest project revolves around an installation representing a tour bus.
A vehicle that looks extremely rigid on the outside and features an unusual futuristic shape, but inside attributes soft upholstery, a wraparound capsule in shades of beige.
The artist and designer says this introspective bubble is predisposed to a journey to Land Art artist Michael Heizer’s « Double Negative. » Heizer’s work, made between 1969 and 1970, is shown as two long 15 meters deep ruts, dug with bulldozers as if to form two man-made canyons on an axis with each other and furrowed in the middle by the natural slope of the land.
Owens’ work turns out to be intimate, a sleeping cabin that envelops personal thoughts and feelings, and to complete the designer’s intention a wardrobe matching the interior of the bus.
The bed was not only created for the occasion, but will be available to order from Owenscorp’s furniture division.


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