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Frédéric Beigbeder, the founder of French vodka label ‘Le Philtre’ and famed calligraphy artist Nicolas Ouchenir have joined forces to commemorate the New Year with a limited run of organic vodka in bottles of Lapis-Lazuli. Hand painted by Ouchenir, the 300 bottles are  unique works of art in their own right, that also call to attention to the need for the protection of our Oceans, with all proceeds donated to the No More Plastic Foundation.

‘The only way to save our planet, is to make the defense of the environment compatible with pleasure’ Says Beigbeder, ‘That’s the message we bring with ‘Le Philtre d’Amour’, we are hedonists yes, but we are militant, responsable hedonists! A fun, joyful and optimistic approach to saving the planet is possible’

With a nod to iconic French artist Yves Klein, the midnight blue bottle is reminiscent of the deep hues of the ocean and made entirely from recycled glass, as with all ‘Le Philtre’ vodka bottles. Pearly white accents and vibrant blues create an effect of waves washing over the bottle and the calligram ‘Catch le vague de L’amour, Attrape la love wave’ wraps around it, signing off with ‘Philtre d’Amour No More Plastic.’

Not coincidentally, the launch of the vodka coincided with the start of the European Waste Reduction Week.

Rosalie Mann, founder of No More Plastic said of the collaboration:

‘Ecology is often thought of as a constraint and respecting the planet often perceived as a punishment, but the truth is that, ecology is life and we are one with the planet. When we buy or make a product, it’s imperative that we think of the knock on effects that it will have on the future of the planet. It’ is only as responsable and informed consumers that we can create a future to be proud of. To respect the environment is to respect humanity, to love the life on earth. Respecting the oceans and respecting nature is respecting that which gives us all life. With this bottle, we are celebrating the oceans and celebrating life. Through the work of Nicolas Ouchenir Le Philtre d’amour is born, an hommage to life. With his artistic talents as a calligraphist he has elevated it to a work of art, a truly exceptional bottle.’

Available online now at eco-responsible boutique No More Plastic ‘MORE’: and in store at Caviar Kaspia, Paris.




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