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No Name is a new platform launched by the art advisor Patricia Marshall, located in the 8th arrondissement in Paris. For No Name’s first project: an exhibition curated by Victoire de Pourtalès, entitled A Spatial Manifestation and featuring the work of artists Olivier Mosset and SoiL Thornton.  Both artists present work influenced by their experience of America. Olivier Mosset exhibits two new monochromes, titled Lily II and Lily III, using a palette of orange and dust pink soil of Arizona, the artist’s adopted home after years of living and working in Paris. Part of a series of horizontally or vertically-assembled canvases, the works are witnesses of the painter’s return to what seems like a standardized, constructivist format; a perpetual subtraction of the subjective to come closer, by the same occasion, to the limits of painting itself.

The free, self-fictive work of SoiL Thornton revolves around, but never quite touches, the quest of identity. Alongside Olivier Mosset, the artist presents pieces with a particular geographical significance, assembling panels painted at symbolic landmarks of the two twinning cities of their hometown New York and host-town Paris. Found objects are assembled in compelling compositions, where fragments of urban detritus meet natural elements like soil. A permanent relation between biomorphic forms and geometrical forms creates abstract and hidden constellations between the works that they exhibit today alongside the monochromes of Olivier Mosset.


No Name, June 1st to July 15th
Paris, 75008
by appointment only
+ 33 (0)6 16 56 13 76
+ 33 (0)6 63 13 64 58

Olivier Mosset
Lily II, 2021
Acrylic on canvas
Overall 244 x 244 cm / 96 x 96 in
Two panels of 122 x 244 cm / 48 x 96 in each

Olivier Mosset
Lily III, 2021
Acrylic on canvas
Overall 244 x 244 cm / 96 x 96 in
Two pannels of 122 x 244 cm / 48 x 96 in each

SoiL Thornton
Swatched Class Act, (ceramic’s mirroring of dirt), 2022
Soil taken from 91.530 Le Marais, a destination for art and agriculture, rooted in situ in the surrounding rural environment of the Essonne, 45 kilometers from Paris gifted to me by Victoire de Pourtalès, caviar gifted from Patricia Marshall, on CNC routed MDF coated with FR polyuria, sanded, primed and sprayed white
120 x 120 x 10 cm
47 1/4 x 47 1/4 x 4 in

SoiL Thornton
An attempted view from inside my eyelids at Liberty Island and by The Statue of Liberty, 2022
Supporting paper documents taped to store bought prefab canvas in its plastic wrap 91,44 x 76,2 cm
36 x 30 in

SoiL Thornton

Whose Authorship In Living Denied Expression over Resting Halt (naked) 2019, 2022 Non drying anti-climb paint , Acrylic medium and galvanized steel mending plates on wooden butcher block

142 x 142.3 x 5.7 cm

55 15/16 x 56 x 2 1/4 in

SoiL Thornton
View from inside my eyelids at/by the Eiffel Tower, 2022 Acrylic paint on store bought prefab canvas
91,44 x 76,2 cm
36 x 30 in

SoiL Thornton
A paws with container mediations , 2022
Energizing mix of grass-fed collagen, coffee and high-quality adaptogens, with less caffeine than a standard cup of coffee, and Good Clean Love 95% organic water based with aloe doctor recommended personal lubricant, and solid mahogany wood wall cross on Acacia wood Fold-Up Dog Gate
153,4 x 75,6 x 6 cm
60 7/16 x 29 3/4 x 2 3/8 in

Torey Thornton
Dime A Dozen Fluidity Culture, As Bacteria, Versus Taste Culture (PP1 of 13 FPS), 2019
Gouache plastic pallet inside white gold leafed wood panel
135 x 218.5 x 5 cm
53 1/8 x 86 1/8 x 2 in

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