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In a move to rebrand itself following its placement on the New York stock exchange, Zegna (formerly Ermenegildo Zegna) has removed its first name distinguishing itself from the group that continues to manage a number of other lines. 

The new chapter, entitled ‘Our Road’ signifies a fresh start for the brand, who, however, has no intention of forgetting its heritage and roots in the forging of its fresh identity, with a new logo and graphics to boot, Zegna will continue to trace its own footprints (in the snow). Inspired by its visionary founder, Ermenegildo and the Route 232 that he constructed 111 years ago in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy,  Alessandro Sartori has designed a capsule outdoor collection, collaborating with Cask, Zai and La Sportiva, the collection is a nod to the labels rich outdoor heritage and the mountains of Piedmont. 

From its beginnings as a stretch of bare rock, Zelda has grown into a luxury, ready-to-wear, global menswear brand, building an entire community centered around wool spinning, and creating a natural park ‘Oasi Zegna’, expanding out over 100km2, on what had once been just a deserted mountainside almost completely devoid of all life form. Zegna represents the modernity of a new type of entrepreneurial ethic.

The road has become a powerful symbol at Zegna, representing its own history and original vision, entwined within progressive ideas: to look ahead and leave a trace in the same breath. In the spirit of remembering that it’s the journey that counts and not the final destination, the label celebrates its placement on the New York stock exchange with the double stripe symbol and the new Zegna logo that were unveiled at the launch of the collection today, the 3rd December 2021: 

                    ‘A collection in celebration of outdoor activity and winter sports, in homage to our own trodden paths, and our own roots and the mountains of Piedmont. When you know where you’re going, you can follow your own path. Zegna is starting a new and passionate chapter in its story, but is sticking to the same path it has been tracing for over a century. Together our route will guide us to the boundaries and innovation of textile, of business leadership, and lifestyle. Let’s be the catalysts of change and the promoters of a better future.’’ Says the brand in the collections footnotes. 

Discover the collection and campaign video below. Available online now.


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