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Presented as an international book fair focused on queer publications, the Paris Ass Book Fair is ready to set some new standards in publishing and explore sex and gender representation through a vast array of mediums which include fanzines, art books, clothing, comics and literature. Highly political pieces will meet more light-hearted artworks, the idea being that serious matters can be discussed in a fun and poetic way. For the fair, anything goes as long as it tackles the multiplicity of relationships (mental and physical) and subjects pertaining to the queer community. With more than fifty editors, bookshops and artists invited, the event takes place from today until Sunday at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

As well as all the exposing artists, the Paris Ass Book Fair has established a cultural program complete with meetings, workshops, performances and screenings. This year they have invited the Californian collective UNITY to present their publications, an exhibition of their founder, painter Jeffrey Cheung, as well as their Unity Queer Skate Day project. The latter will take place on Saturday in front of the museum and will constitute a safe place for the queer community to skate and meet like-minded individuals. The fair is also welcoming the CONGRATS! Team, a french collective focused on the construction of masculine identity through edition and their own eponymous magazine. They will present The Game of Life, a webseries created in collaboration with filmmakers Naia Lassus and Baptist Penetticobra, which explores the way our generation consumes and apprehends images and the entertainment industry.

Find the full program and more information about the Paris Ass Book Fair here.


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The Paris Ass Book Fair takes place from the 16th through the 18th of March at the Palais de Tokyo.


Written by Alice Butterlin


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