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By Crash

Prada presented the men’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection yesterday at the grand hall of the Deposito, a large venue part of the Fondazione Prada which was transformed into a set of imaginary piazzas for the occasion. Around a colorful court, stand a series of imaginary portals leading to a mysterious, unknown place, from where radiates a red light. At the very center of the court, a white statue of a horse greets the public and become the focal point of the scene. In this very theatrical set, the show is ready to begin, unveiling a new menswear uniform for a new decade.

The collection, while classic in its form, still detained striking details, whether in the unusual colors or the graphic prints. The sleeveless button-up shirt worn under a knit tank top with a pair of perfectly cut straight pants was the key look, a sort of boyish officewear with just the right amount of irreverence. Then came elegant three-piece suits with technical details on the pockets or collars and more excentric outerwear pieces, in shearling with a vinyl finish. Some of the pants were tucked in rural-looking mid-calf boots and an oversized mustard corduroy jacket also gave a countryside vibe. Discover some of the best looks below.

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